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This wiki is for exploring, clarifying, developing and organizing around the idea of "empowered public wisdom" described by Tom Atlee in his 2012 book Empowering Public Wisdom: A Practical Vision of Citizen-Led Politics

Empowered public wisdom is our collective capacity, as a whole community or society, to reflect on and take into account what needs to be considered for long-term broad benefit.

To the extent public wisdom shapes policy decisions, programs, budgets and the collective behaviors of our whole community or society, our democracy can be said to be wise. (By definition, of course, we can never know ahead of time if some decision is wise, but we can do things that make it much more likely that it will be.)

We want to develop this capacity in our democracy. If you'd like to see that happen and have questions or ideas about how it might be done, join us by editing and adding pages to this wiki.

NOTE: There is are two great new resources on this subject - The Wise Democracy Project and the Wise Democracy Pattern Language.

What we have here - and are doing here[]

This wiki is intended to support

  • discussion of various topics related to empowering public wisdom
  • clarifying our conclusions about those topics and
  • organizing activities to promote empowered public wisdom in the real world.

Some of the topics we'll explore include:

3-D Wise Democracy - a Venn Diagram model



Factors contributing to public wisdom

Methods and institutions

Visions and possibilities

Actions we can take

Calendar of Events

Research and Development

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